Personal statement:


I am interested in photography as an in-between medium with a specific dual potential. The photography links the real and the imaginary, the transparency and the surface, the metaphors about the window and the tunnel, finds meaning in itself in the definition about the near distance (the well-known definition of Walter Benjamin). In my work I investigate this complex nature of the medium by deepening and transformation of the photographic specifics. The artistic interpretation of the photographic involves experiencing imaginable levels of an intricate reality in front of the lens.


As a historian of photography I am tempted to experiment with the material carrier, the chemical processes, the structure of the camera and the optical phenomena. I like human freedom and imperfection which yield the classical and alternative processes, but I consider light as the primary and most important key that enables insight into the photographic. I do not perceive the camera as a fixed finished instrument nor do I accept the photographic transparency as constant. I can substantiate this perception with facts from the history of the technical development of the camera that led to changes in the device and the transparency. The adaptation and modification of the technical devices is part of the photographic process which held the photographers' attention in the first sixty years after the invention of photography, and also in the present day, albeit with a more limited popularity. In the present time the photographic technical tools have a rich and artistically yet unstudied potential to transform reality into specific light expressions and become visual reflections on the essence of light.



Lilyana Karadjova is a Bulgarian photographer, art historian and philosopher based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Rome, Italy.

She lectures in MA programs in Photography and Art Therapy in the National Academy of Arts, Bulgaria, and in BA and MA programs in the New Bulgarian University on theory and history of photography, analysis of the photographic image, black-and-white photography theory and practice, alternative photographic processes, photo art therapy. In 2016 she defended a PhD thesis on Psychological Concepts of Imagination in Art and Photography in the 20th and 21st Century under the supervision of Prof. Peter Tzanev in the National Academy of Arts, Bulgaria. Her research interests are in the field of psychological approaches in the theory of photography. She is a visiting professor in the Abat Oliba CEU University, Barcelona.

In the field of criticism she has worked as an art columnist in the national Novinar daily in the period 2008-2016 and has frequently contributed to various magazines such as L'Europeo, Art and Critique and the Kultura [Culture] newspaper.




Selected exhibitions:




11.06.2018 - ongoing

Collective project "Film's Not Dead", BA "Photography", NBU, The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia (Organizing and participating)


14.06.2019 - ongoing

Museum House Andrey Nikolov, National Gallery, Sofia

 "Street Ivats Voyvoda" - Curatorial project



17.09.2019 - 14.10.2019

Gallery LoosenArt, Rome

Collective exhibition "The Game"



2019 - Collective exhibition "The Border of the Photographic" - Curatorial project,

Gallery Academy, National Academy of Arts, Sofia

2019 - Collective exhibition "Urban Lights", Gallery LoosenArt, Rome

2019 - Collective exhibition,"The New Faces of the Market", curatorial project, Gallery Serdica, Sofia

2019 - Collective exhibition "Bulgarian Participation, La Biennale di Roma",

LuxArt, Rome 2019"Freedom Here - and - Now" - Exhibition of photo installation by Lilyana Karadjova and Dimitar Stoyanovich, Rousse Regional Museum of History

2019 - Collective exhibition "Photography After Photography", One Gallery, Sofia

2019 - Collective exhibition "Integration of identities", The Balabanov House, Plovdiv

2018/2019 - "Freedom Here - and - Now" - Exhibition of photo installation by Lilyana Karadjova and Dimitar Stoyanovich, Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, National Gallery

2018 - Collective exhibition "Photographic Original and Art Practices", 2018, MA "Photography", NAA, The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia (Curating and participating)

2018 - Collective exhibition "Letters" (Букви), Gallery "Hub-a", Samokov, Bulgaria

"Й, К, Л", photography, 2018

 2018 - Collective exhibition "New Members of UBA", UBA Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 - Collective exhibition "Light and Time", Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 - Collective exhibition, "Post-writing of Objects", Steppenwolf Gallery, SofiaBulgaria
"Vinyl Record", photography, double exposure, 2014

2017/2018 - Collective exhibition, Gallery "Moon of Roots", Burgas

"Hands of Jana Milanova", photography, 2010

2017 - Collective exhibition "New Media in NAA", City Art Gallery - Blagoevgrad "Movements of the horizon", digital photography, 2015

2017 - Collective exhibition "Sea in the Mall: Save Coral", One Gallery, Sofia - Sublimation of the Land, Digital photography, Site-specific intervetion, 2017

2017 - “Light and Time”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016 - “Frame Capsules”, Monev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015 - “Love is... “, Steppenwolf Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 - International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. Collective exhibition. Single work, selection.”Deep Sea Secrets”, cyanotype print

2013 - Photography in NAA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 - Jeux de la Francophonie, Collective exhibition, Acropolis, Nice, France

2012 - “Camera Obscura”, Universitad de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2012 - “16 photographers”, International Mettings of Photography, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2012 - “New Wave Photography”, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK

2012 - Collective exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 - “New Wave Photography”, Pawilon Wyspianskiego Gallery, Krakow, Poland

2011 - “Women in photography”, International Mettings of Photography, Balabanov House, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2011 - “Video mapping”, DA Fest, video, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 - “Smooth Art”, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Detroit, USA

2011 - “Camera Obscura”, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 - “Photo of the year - Canon”, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


2008 - “Portrait”, outdoors - the square of Nation Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria