Ex-mured, Villefranche-sur-Mer 1
Transformation 25Transformation 23Transformation 18Transformation 17Transformation 16Transformation 15ResurrectionEx-mured, Villefranche-sur-Mer 1Ex-mured, Villefranche-sur-Mer 3Ex-mured, Nice 3Ex-mured, EzeEx-mured, Antib 1Ex-mured, Nice 4Ex-mured, Antib 2Ex-mured, Nice, night




digital photography, body movement, exposure: 5-30 sec, neutral density filter x10, camera zoom and tilt



“Transits" are performative photo sequences, which concept simple movements and body positions as symbols. In the series I stage and experience the reality of camera obscura and the physical coordinates of the photographic event. In recording the course of unintentional and spontaneous interaction between artist and camera, long exposure and movement in the frame, I concept psychological actions available in the camera space and time.

The photos are taken at sunset or sunrise at places of transition - historical harbors and ports in Southern France, their walls, doors, arches, windows and piers.

The series are inspired by a family story. At the age of 28 my father visited Cote d'Azure as an engineer of the ocean ship SS Ocean Monarch - Varna. At the same age I was participating in the 7th Jeux de la Francophonie taking place at Nice, France. My residence project was visiting the same ports, which my father visited, immuring and ex-muring myself inside the walls, in attempt to experience the strength of unconscious spaces and its reality that comes as if being inherited by blood.