Breaks in Silence

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Breaks in Silence

photograms, broken glasses, spilled wine

2014, 2016


Several years, somehow, I started collecting broken wine glasses. The sudden act of breaking, the loud sound of the impact on the floor, the cracking, the spilled liquid and the dirty surface turn the minor incident into an event. For a second, the breaking of a glass snaps us out of our perceptual patterns. It interrupts the inert lack of sensitivity to ephemeral moments and their meaningful details.



In the process of creating the photograms, the act of rearranging the pieces was like contemplation of something unexpected and uncontrollable. I tried to restore the harmony of the lost whole by assembling the remnants in figural compositions. This is also an attemp to express my perception of the peculiar connections between seemingly unrelated and insignificant phenomena which we can hardly notice.