Breaks in Silence

Involved glasses, 74x54 cm, Фохар green paper
Involved glasses, 74x54 cm, Фохар green paperInvolved glasses, 74x54 cm, Фохар green paperInvolved glasses, 74x54 cm, Фохар green paperInvolved glasses, 74x54 cm, Фохар green paperInvolved glassesInvolved glassesInvolved glassesAlchemical bonds 25Alchemical bonds 22Alchemical bonds 21Alchemical bonds 20Alchemical bonds 19Alchemical bonds 18Alchemical bonds 17Alchemical bonds 16Alchemical bonds 15Alchemical bonds 13Alchemical bonds 7
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Breaks in Silence

photograms, broken glasses, spilled wine

2014, 2016


In the course of two years I collected pieces of wine glasses broken during private meetings and social events. The broken glass pieces are the result of the unforeseen event of breaking which has interrupted the natural flow of conversation and given rise to surprising reactions and emotions. The sudden act of breaking, the loud sound of the impact on the floor, the cracking of the glass or crystal, the spilled liquid, and the dirty surface, turn the minor incident into a big event. These events break the monotonous flow of the everyday life and interrupt the inert lack of sensitivity to the ephemeral moments and details in the complex reality around us. For a second, the breaking of a glass manages to snap us out of the patterns of our perception and sharpen our senses to the flow of reality.


When I was creating the photograms, the act of rearrangement was like contemplation of something unexpected and out of control. I tried to restore the harmony of the lost whole in figural compositions, in a natural way. I fitted together the pieces of the glasses not according to their function as a drinking vessel, but in building free connections and interactions between the elements. This arrangement of the pieces expresses my perception of the peculiar connections between seemingly unrelated and insignificant phenomena which we find difficult to notice. The compositions are an expression of the insight wherein the small detail serves as the key to understanding the chains of events and a crucial element in the understanding of the world.