untitled, cyanotype, 3 x 70/100 cm, 2016
untitled, cyanotype, 3 x 70/100 cm, 2016untitled, cyanotype, 3 x 70/100 cm, 2016
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Dark Spots/Light Thoughts

2015 - 2016

Photographic collage, cyanotype tinted with tannic acid


The sea shell, a symbol of the origin of life, is interpreted in figural compositions. The primary causes of human life are visually discovered in the dark and light side of spirituality.


The pictures of sea shells were taken directly or in a distorting mirror. The original images were copied in a cyanotype in 2013 and in 2015 were interpreted in a multitude of compositions structured from contact copying of one picture. The first part of Dark Spots/Light Thoughts (an exhibition in the fridge gallery, 2015) focuses on the dark side of the idea of an inevitable end. The second part is an independent sequence of untitled triptychs copied in 2016 which try to find a figurative expression of the imagination in an outlet of linked light thoughts composed in an iconographically recognizable image.