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Frame Capsules

2015, 2016

photography, colour negative film, double exposure, series, spaces between the frames


Frame Capsules interprets the dark vertical lines between the exposure areas along a 35 mm film. The concept is based on the premise that the thin vertical lines between the frames can be contemplated on the analogy of the idea of "reading between the lines" in a text. The thin unexposed lines, 35 in number in a 135 mm long film with 36 frames mark the closing, the "blinking" of the lens eye. Seen in a sequence, these pauses between the exposures create a photographical code for the boundaries of the frame and act as a photographic pendulum cutting up space and time in fixed images.


My interest in the unexposed film made up by the vertical lines between the frames is driven by my curiosity in the dark matter that is not yet penetrated by the human reason and the possibility whereby light symbolically expand its territory by entering these zones hitherto ignored and neglected by photographers. The sequence was shot on a reversal film because it attends not to the copy but to the film itself as an object of art. The films were exposed with the aim to have optimum readability in the "frame capsules". In the double exposure the traditional frame field burns out but in the dark lines images lurk containing details and incidental dust motes, big dots as if popping out in the structure of the film grain.


Frame Capsules is an idea with which I examine the occupants of air space to show their ephemeral nature and symbolic charge with the ability to penetrate the dark area of the human mind and illuminate it. The foremost focus of the project is the sea horizon - the imagined optical boundary separating earth and sky. With the use of the photographic means, the horizon is rendered as a dynamic value, a subject of transformations that allows the entry of new objects from air space to earth. The sequence shows how at this moments of penetration the horizon shakes and the abstract unpersonified flat line is broken down on discrete material particles.