Air Gaps

Take a Breath
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Air Gaps, 2017-2018

2017, 2018, under development

photography on black and white negative film, digital photography


Air Gaps is a visual study of a beautiful small element from the facades of old city houses, the forerunner of the window - the ornamental grille. In the past the grille ensured the cleanliness of the passageway of the air coming from the outside to the inside.


In Rome I discovered a staggering variety of grilles from different historical periods, in different materials, sizes and designs. The massive presence of these already dysfunctional articles of little import is due to the efforts to preserve the authenticity of the city as an open-air museum with its walls and their numerous statues, columns, cornices, frescoes, and signs. Light reflections, street graffiti and details from the living urban environment fall on these small elements of the urban context.