Frame Capsules

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Frame Capsules



photography, reversal film, double exposure, series, spaces between the frames



Frame Capsules’ are photographs captured in the thin vertical lines separating the frames in a 35 mm film. The concept is based on the premise that these lines on a film can be contemplated on the analogy of the idea of "reading between the lines" in a text. The 35 lines on a 35 mm film are capsuled between 36 frames and mark the "blinking" of the lens eye. Seen in a sequence, these pauses between the exposures create a photographic code for the boundaries of the frame and act as a photographic pendulum cutting up space and time in fixed images.


In 'Frame CapsulesI explore the horizon as an ephemeral object in space, an imagined optical boundary separating earth and sky. With the use of the photographic means, the horizon is rendered as a dynamic value, a subject of transformations,a flexible boundary that allows the entry of new objects from air space to earth,  a trajectory for ideas penetrating imagination. The sequence shows how at these moments the abstract unpersonified flat line of the horizon is broken down on discrete material particles.


The first exposure leaves 35 unexposed areas between the frames and I expose it a second time following Benjamin’s idea of optical unconscious and photography’s function to represent the imperceptible and broadening intellectual visibility. As a result the frames are overexposed, but the thin lines contain recognizable details. The 360 degrees rotation of the horizon goes along the 35 mm film and traces the process of landing, the transition from the abstract to the particular and expresses a new intelligible situation.